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Individuals should not use tough mobile phones while crossing roads

Tough mobile phones are fairly resilient and are normally able to withstand hazards which could damage regular handsets, such as drops or minor impacts. In addition, if someone has a waterproof mobile phone, then this device may even operate after being completely submerged in liquid.

Although this means owners may feel more confident in using their phones during potentially hazardous situations, there are some circumstances where handset owners should probably resist using their devices – such as crossing the road.

It sounds like common sense, but when researchers observed more than 1,000 people crossing roads in Seattle, they found 8% of those individuals were talking on their phones, whilst 7% were texting.

Furthermore, the researchers revealed that people in the process of sending or receiving a text message were four times more likely than other walkers to ignore red lights and also generally took longer to cross wider roads.

Pedestrians should be aware of their surroundings at all times whenever coming into close proximity with vehicles. Getting distracted by a mobile while crossing the road could have potentially lethal consequences.

So, although tough mobile phones are fantastic devices, sometimes it's a good idea to stop using them every once in a while.