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Majority of British ten-year-olds own mobile phones

When an individual becomes a parent, his or her first priority should be to look out for the welfare of their offspring. There are many ways that mums and dads can do this without being overprotective, and research conducted by a marketing company suggests many parents are trying to ensure their child's safety by buying them a mobile phone.

According to The Marketing Store, 73% of British ten-year-olds own a handset, a figure which is substantially more than the global average of 45%. When it came to those under the age of ten, the researchers also found 24% of eight-year-olds and six percent of six-year-olds had a mobile phone.

These findings suggest mums and dads may be taking a more technologically-friendly approach to parenting. However, these devices could be just another way of keeping kids entertained, with some young owners using their handsets for activities such as accessing social networking websites and sending pictures or videos.

Regardless, a handset can be an important tool in today's society – and damaging one may lead to disappointment or tears. Therefore, if a parent intends to purchase one of these devices for their offspring, a tough or waterproof mobile phone might withstand the trials of childhood – and possibly continue running into their teenage years.