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Shock-proof mobile phone news - Britons want more durable phones

Smartphones are a very popular form of mobile phone. These devices are compact, high-tech and can carry out many complex tasks. Unfortunately, they are sometimes fragile and may break very easily.

For those interested in a more durable product, a customer may be interested in purchasing a shock-proof mobile phone.

According to a survey conducted by Good Mobile Phones, 89% of British mobile phone users feel their devices should be more durable, with three quarters believing handsets were tougher five years ago

Mark Owen, managing director of Good Mobile Phones, said, "With the advances of technology in mobile phones, it seems odd that more people's phones are breaking nowadays."

He added, "I think that the development of materials that ‘self-heal' will offer huge opportunities to integrate them into mobile phone design and will most likely be welcomed by those fed up of replacing the screen or casing on their Smartphone."

Although smartphones can be very appealing, purchasing a waterproof or shock-proof mobile phone may save you money in the long run.