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Mobile phones may be dirtier then toilet seats

When was the last time you cleaned your mobile phone? If your answer was "never", you might want to consider giving it a quick wipe down.

Reportedly, researchers from the University of Arizona, in America, have found that more germs exist on the average mobile phone than on a toilet seat. These bacterium can be quite nasty, with some having the potential to cause conditions such as stomach problems and nausea.

It is not surprising that germs and other microbes could build up on our handsets. After all, we typically use these devices with our hands, hold them in close proximity to our mouths, carry them into all sorts of different areas, and sometimes let other people – whose hygiene habits might be slightly suspect – hold them too.

Furthermore, owners may hesitate to clean their mobiles as exposing conventional phones to liquid can cause damage. Yet, those trying to keep their handsets germ-free should consider purchasing a waterproof mobile phone from Tuffphones.

Our splash-proof handsets should easily survive a quick wash under the tap, but owners might want to check with the manufacturer before using any soaps, sterile wipes, or anti-bacterial substances on them.