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Tough mobile phone news - Many Britons could be suffering from nomophobia

The mobile phone has become a vital part of our everyday lives. Far from being just an ordinary communication device, many of these gadgets allow us to play games, view GPS directions, or connect to the internet. However, some mobile phone users may be a little bit too attached to their devices...

A survey, carried out on behalf of a handset security company, revealed many Brits could be suffering from nomophobia – a fear of losing mobile phone contact.

Reportedly, if a person displays symptoms such as never turning off their phone, constantly worries about its location, or suffers a panic attack whenever their gadget is out of battery, he or she could be nomophobic.

Although many people probably think they could survive without their handsets, after interviewing 1,000 British adults, the security company revealed approximately 66% of respondents were scared of losing their phones. Moreover, 41% kept a minimum of two handsets in order to permanently stay in the loop.

While this research may prove that many mobile users should put down their phones every once in a while, it certainly shows the extent to which individuals rely on their devices. Potentially, these respondents could find a tough, waterproof, or durable mobile phone very beneficial.

Whereas some handsets could be destroyed by an impact or a drop from height, we have a wide variety of phones to endure just about any situation. Why not browse our selection to see if we have something to suit your needs?