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Sonim XP1300 news - New friend for waterproof phone

So, you've got your waterproof phone, whether it's a Durrocomm Oberon Dual Sim or Sonim XP1300 Core, and you're ready to head for the beach. That's your mode of communication sorted.

Having a sturdy mobile handset allows you to stay in touch with friends, keeping them up to date with the progress of your tan. But what if you want to listen to some music?

Well, that's simple, all you need is your stereo. Just plug in some headphones and it's all sun, sand and sounds.

But what if this isn't a solitary trip to the beach? What if you want to share sun, sand and sounds with friends, family or that extra special person? How do you do that? After all, your mobile phone may be water and sand proof, but what about your stereo?

Well, fear not. The new Eco Terra is here. It's basically a standard ghetto blaster-sized stereo, but with one crucial difference – it's waterproof.

More good news is that you can even connect the system to your waterproof phone via a head phone jack and a special waterproof compartment allowing you to swap and share all your favourite tunes under the sun.

Sun, sand and sounds... sounds like paradise.