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There's something fishy going on here - customer receives tin of Sardines instead of new mobile

An O2 customer was left disappointed after receiving a box containing a sponge and tin of sardines instead of the new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge smartphone he ordered after upgrading his mobile contract with O2.

23-year-old aircraft engineer Greg Cundill is still without his mobile phone four days after receiving the mystery package.

So far Mr Cundill has paid for a £30 contract upgrade plus £20 to pay off his previous contract and £6 postage.

Greg Cundill and Sardines

O2 have stated that they are investigating as to how this could have happened with the courier whereas a UK Mail spokesman has said that, "The depot have advised that this will be an issue for O2, not for us, as the outside of the packaging was not tampered with."

Mr Cundill has commented, "It's a bit mad how I've been sent some sardines and paid £56 for the privilege."

"It was pretty hilarious at first and everyone found it funny but it's a bit concerning that such an expensive phone can just go missing."

"All that came in the box was a SIM card but that's no use without a phone.. Someone's going to be in trouble somewhere along the line."

There has been no announcement yet as to whether this issue has been resolved by O2, however we're willing to be that Mr Cundill is sent another handset.