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AI could be coming to your smartphone

A group of researchers at MIT have unveiled a breakthrough in Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence Robotics

The new breakthrough is called Eyeriss and is a low-power neural-network chip that is 10x more efficient than your standard mobile GPU.

Presented at the International Solid State Circuits Conference in San Francisco, researchers stated that, "In recent years, some of the most exciting advances in artificial intelligence have come courtesy of convolutional neural networks, large virtual networks of simple information-processing units, which are loosely modeled on the anatomy of the human brain."

The research team demonstrated Eyeriss performing a series of complex image recognition tasks. This was also the first time that the new state-of-the-art neural network has been run on a custom chip.

How does Eyeriss work?

Eyeriss makes use of several smart tricks that help to keep power consumption to a minimum. Each of the 168 cores that are used in Eyeriss have their own memory which means that there is less need for communicating with a larger central memory bank which can be power-hungry and time-consuming.

The data that each Eyeriss core processes is compressed before being received by a core where a delegation circuit allocates a maximum amount of work that each core can handle before accessing further data.

Furthermore, each core can communicate directly with its neighboring cores, this enables data to be shared locally rather than having to reroute the data back through the central memory.

What does this mean for mobile

The number of applications for Eyeriss on mobile devices are huge, complex AI tasks could be completed locally on your device, consuming little energy, rather than having to send the data to the cloud for high-power processing. The new technology could be used for object recognition, speech and face detection and could help to user in a new age of the 'Internet of Things'.

We've also got images of a HAL 9000-esque mobile assistant that can help you with your daily tasks and one that will stop you from drunk-dialing your wife / husband / boss or from ordering too much off Amazon and eBay!

HAL 9000 Eyeriss


We've got some reservations about the new technology however, just imagine an Eyeriss powered tough mobile phone, something almost indestructible and incredibly smart with nefarious machinations...

Terminator Artificial Intelligence