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New rugged lifestyle phone - Motorola DEFY

A great TV ad from Motorola for its new durable, 'lifeproof' phone, the Motorola DEFY....
......and what a great life the characters in the ad are all leading! We're not jealous..!

The ad features the IP67-rated water resistant, scratch resistant and dust proof Android smart phone. The ruggedised phone has, amongst other things, a 3.7" touch sensitive TFT screen, 5 mega-pixel camera, video, email and a web browser.

It's a high-spec tough phone alright but is clearly being marketed towards the younger 'lifestyle' crowd with the ad sporting "Dance Floor Proof" and "Pool Party Proof" slogans (whilst being dropped on the dance floor and splashed, yes, you've guessed it, at the pool) rather than showing the phone in a tough, albeit less glamorous, work environment.

A beautifully shot video though, see for yourself..........