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Is the Moto X Force the worlds first unbreakable smartphone?

Motorola announced their latest flagship handset the Moto X Force in an interesting manner - by pitting it against the best devices from Apple and Samsung.

While it isn't unusual for manufacturers to compete with one another for the accolade of 'smartphone of the year' stacking their camera capabilities, device speeds, usability and functionality against competitors device's.

What is unusual is for a manufacturer to purposefully drop their device in the announcement video.

In the video below you can see Rick Osterloh the President of Motorola Mobility dropping the popular iPhone 6(s?) and Samsung Galaxy S6 onto a hard floor (from a considerable height).

Osterloh looks unsatisfied with the thin spidery cracks that now adorn the face of his competitor's devices only to then drop the new Moto X Force - upon retrieval of which is unharmed.


The Moto X Force is being touted by Motorola as the world's first shatterproof display ever on a smartphone thanks to Moto Shattershield thanks to its clever multi-layer construction.

Moto Shattershield

Thanks to five individual flexible plastic layers that are stacked on top of the OLED panel instead of the usual glass, the display flexes when stressed.

While this all sounds great on paper, does it work in the real world?

So far all tests perfomed by reviewers on various tech sites as well as YouTubers would indicate that yes, the display is virtually impossible to break.

This is where the UnlockRiver team come in, unsatisfied with the relatively pleasant methods used so far to test the strength of the Shattershield display they've decided to test Motorola's claims at some serious height - 275 meters to be exact.

As you can see in the video the Moto X Force survives its encounter with gravity and in turn the ground spectacularly still working flawlessly after what would have been a catastrophic drop for any other device.