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Mobile phone users not aware of (or don't care about) data limits

Mobile phone users not aware of (or don't care about) data limits

According to research conducted by comparison website Broadband Genie, over one in ten mobile subscribers consistently exceed their monthly data allowance.

The survey looked at the data usage of 1,097 mobile users across the UK between March 27 - April 9.

31 per cent of mobile users breach their monthly limit at least once every three months with up to 14 per cent exceeding their data cap every month.

Many of those who took part in the survey stated that mobile data caps were a cause for concern with 54 per cent commenting that they felt some sort of discomfort when approaching their limit. 35 per cent felt a sense of frustration, 18 per cent became increasingly anxious and 7 per cent felt a sense of panic due to approaching their data cap.

Several subscribers wouldn't place a block on mobile data usage when they hit their limits, 22 per cent of those surveyed stated that they would take no further action when hitting their limit. However 58 per cent said that they'd switch off mobile data to avoid incurring charges.

Broadband Genie head of strategy Rob Hilborn commented on the survey saying, "It’s so easy to blitz even large data packages these days, what with auto-play videos, ads, streaming services and other data-heavy activities.

"In most cases, users can quite easily track this information by accessing their account online or downloading their mobile network’s smartphone app.

"For those regularly hitting a data limit, it’s worth investigating what activities are causing this as you may be able to take action to reduce your usage. If this is proving difficult, consider a contract upgrade as it will often be better value than paying for add-ons or penalty charges."