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The best mobile phones for Gap Year travel

Gap years are often seen as a way for young students to become independent and learn about responsibility, how to become self-sufficient prior to engaging in university life and further studies.

While the would-be traveller looks towards this opportunity as a way of seeing the world, learning about themselves and taking it easy for a year; their parents and loved ones will often harbor feelings of anxiety towards their ofsprings safety and ability to remain in touch.

A mobile phone is one of the more important items in any travellers kit-list besides the bare essentials.

Travel kit for gap year travel

Smartphones with their ability to take photos, send and receive emails and help with navigation and translation are one of the most important bits of kit, they also happen to be one of the most expensive!

Many travellers decide to go old school and take 'dumber' feature phones with them on their travels, devices like the Nokia 3310 for example - however they loose out on the functionality that they'd be given from taking a fully-fledged smartphone.

We feel that potential globetrotters shouldn't need to scrimp on their mobile device for fear of breaking it during their excursions - which is why we'll say quite freely that a tough mobile phone is the perfect companion for any aspiring adventurer.

TUFF T500Many of our tough mobile phones are as smart as they are rugged, handsets like the TUFF T500 for example which is running on Android 8.1 Oreo, thus offering the same functionality that you'd find off more popular high-street devices from the likes of Samsung, HTC or Sony.

For those of you who want to document your travels our range of tough smartphones come with expandable storage and great cameras on the rear that will enable to you keep snapping away even when the threat of water is near as our handsets are waterproof and dustproof too thanks to their IP67/68 ratings!

Plus for those of you who are clumsier than you'll care to admit, our devices carry the necessary MIL-STD 810G certifications to be certified as 'drop-proof' with many surviving hundreds of falls from heights of up to 1.8 meters onto concrete.

All of these features make this handset a cheaper alernative than replacing your iPhone or other popular android device.

The benefits gained by taking a tough smartphone with you on your gap year travels should be obvious:

  • Waterproof.
  • Dustproof.
  • Shock proof (drop proof).
  • Operate at a range of varying temperatures.
  • Easy to grip design to help reduce drops and accidents.
  • Cameras for documenting your travels.
  • Can make use of apps like Google Maps/GPS, Google Translate, web browsing, email, online banking and social media.
  • Not as expensive as top-tier flagship handsets from the likes of HTC, Apple, Sony and Samsung.
  • Expandable storage options via MicroSD card.

All of our tough phones come SIM-free and unlocked so you can insert your SIM-card and use the device straight away. They also work on international network frequencies - thus enabelling you to use a local SIM-card when abroad if you need to or still have access to your UK SIM card (watch out for roaming fees!).

Other handsets that we can highly recommend are: