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Phone thefts in London down by 40 per cent according to the Met Police

The Metropolitan Police have stated that they’ve seen a 40 per cent decrease in the number of mobile phone thefts by almost half in London over the past 12 months.

According to the Met a vast majority of device theft occurs on public transport, about 38 per cent. This is closely followed by bars, pubs and clubs at 30 per cent.

Surprisingly 19 per cent of mobile phones are stolen in the workplace, this outweighs the number of devices that are taken while out and about in the street (only 6 per cent) with another 8 per cent being pinched while elsewhere.

Out of every ten offences at least four occur as a result of the mobile device being left unattended. More than a third (34 per cent) are taken from the victim unknowingly by pickpockets. A further eleven per cent are stolen during burglaries, 10 per cent in robberies and five per cent from vehicles.Mobile phone theft sign 

The main targets are women with the female gender accounting for 56 per cent of all mobile theft victims. People aged between 20 – 24 are preyed upon more than any other age group.

Metropolitan Police commander Simon Letchford has said, “Expensive gadgets make them ideal targets for thieves.”

He later went on to add that, “They should take as much care of their phones as they would with their other valuables – they would be reluctant for example to openly display hundreds of pounds worth of cash on the street”.

Commander Letchford also stated, “There are a number of practical steps they can take to help protect their property, and which will give us the best chance in the event of a robbery or theft of getting their mobiles back to them. I would urge all owners to take the time to carry these out.”

One of the preventative measures that was introduced by the Met is Operation Ringtone. Launched with the National Mobile Phone Crime unit (NMPCU) in February 2013. This initiative was designed to target mobile phone theft hotspots in London with increased patrols.

It is also advisable to sign up and register your devices with, an online UK national property register that device owners can use to register details of their possessions onto an electronic database.

Police officers can access the Immobilise database and use it to help them identify the owners of recovered property. The data also helps you to make insurance claims and Police reports for your stolen devices with the certificates of ownership that you receive from Immobilise when registering a device.

This is all great news for mobile phone owners whether they be smartphone or a tough mobile phone.