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UK Government announces plans to cut the costs of building mobile masts

The UK Government has announced it's plans to reform the UK telecoms sector as part of the upcoming Digital Economy Bill.

On May 18th this year (2016), Queen Elizabeth II announced as a part of the Queen's Speech that the Government will introduce a new code which has been designed to cut the cost of building new mobile masts.

Masts currently average around £100,000 per installation according to The Mobile Operators Association.


This new pledge follows repeated calls from figures within the mobile telecoms industry that have requested help from Westminster to enable mobile infrastructure rollout with more speed and less red tape.

The proposed Digital Economy Bill is due to be put before Parliment next year. If approved the Bill will also guarantee UK households have access to broadband speeds of at least 10Mbps through the Broadband Universal Service Obligation.

Her Majesty the Queen also stated that customers will will have an automatic right to compensation should their broadband service goes down.