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UK mobile network mast heights under reform

The UK Government has pledged to reform the planning restrictions that currently limit the height of mobile masts across Britain.

UK mobile masts

UK masts average around 15 metres in height, this is significantly shorter than the 25 metre sites found across Europe.

Mobile network operator Vodafone have stated that taller sites would offer wider reaching coverage, providing greater service range and lower costs for operators.

Vodafone's EMF unit manager Rob Matthews has said that, "Taller sites would improve the network by making it more resilient. There needs to be a shift around planning legislation because if we want to have world-class coverage and better mobile broadband, it will be delivered more quickly and efficiently through taller sites."

During a recent parlimentary debate on reforming the Electronic Communications Code (ECC), Digital Minister Ed Vaizey commented that the UK Government was committed to im proving mobile signal strength across the UK by increaseing the height of mobile masts.

Vaizey said, "We want to increase the height at which cells can go and to increase the time in which operators are allowed to take emergency measures to repair masts,"

"I have a huge mast on the top of the ridge half a mile from my home. It is unsightly. Would I prefer it not to be there? Of course I would. Does it provide great mobile coverage around the area? Yes, it does. I think that is a compromise worth making."