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Nokia? What Nokia?

It has been rumored for some time now, well since the Nokia Devices and Services business acquisition by Microsoft on April 25th 2014 that Microsoft would be closing down or ‘rebranding’ the mobile devices arm of the Finnish communications and information technology company.

It appears that the change is being made official; over the last few months Microsoft has been dropping hints about its plans to kill off both the Nokia and Windows Mobile brands, with the Microsoft Lumia brand emerging as a frontrunner to replace them.

Satya Nadella and Stephen Elop

The name change is underway with Nokia France one of the first to adopt the brand , with its Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts all referring to ‘Microsoft Lumia’. It has been confirmed that other countries will soon follow.

You don’t need to worry however as Nokia isn’t completely dead and buried, the Finnish company is still here, they just exist as a separate company, albeit without a phones segment. Instead, they are now focusing on mapping and network infrastructure.

As for how Microsoft will move forwards with the rebranding, we’re not quite sure; will they continue to use the Nokia labels on upcoming handsets as they have done with the existing Lumia devices, or will they opt for just ‘Microsoft’ or ‘Lumia’, or perhaps Nokia France has already shown the way ahead by its adoption of ‘Microsoft Lumia’. And what about Windows Phone?

We guess that we’ll just have to wait until the release of a new handset into the Microsoft Lumia family to find out how the devices will be branded.