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MakeTheAirFair petition has closed with over 170,000 signatures

MakeTheAirFair petition has closed with over 170,000 signatures

Led by Three UK with TalkTalk the 'MakeTheAirFair' campaign petition closed yesterday (31/01/2017) with 178,938 signatures.

The campaign calls for Ofcom to regulate upcoming airwave spectrum auctions in a bid to stop BT & EE from buying more of the spectrum. BT and EE already owns more than 40 per cent of available spectrum - MakeTheAirFair is atrempting to cap spectrum ownership at 30 per cent.

Three UK CEO Dave Dyson commented on the number of signatures the petition has garnered saying, "“Both the UK Government and consumers have expressed concerns over the state of the UK mobile market."

"A fairer allocation of spectrum is the only measure that will ensure a sustainable model for competition and investment that will deliver innovation, value and choice."

"The UK needs world class digital infrastructure but right now it’s bottom of the class."