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Land Rover show off mobile app that turns your vehicle into life-size RC car

In scenes reminiscent of the action packed BMW 750iL car chase scene in the James Bond movie 'Tomorrow Never Dies', Land Rover have released a video of their Range Rover Sport being controlled entirely through the use of a prototype mobile application.

To anyone who isn't au fait with off-road excursions, it is not uncommon to have to exit the vehicle to check the underside for ground clearance and to see whether you have enough tire contact with the surfaces you're driving on etc.

Due to this you'll often find that a driver will have a 'spotter', someone who can exit the vehicle and check these variables for you and can give you instructions as to how to drive over rough terrain safely.

Well what happens if you don't have a spotter? Do you get out yourself, check out the situation then get back in again and drive blind? this si the issue that Land Rover are hoping to tackle with their new mobile RC system.

The app makes use of the sensors that the Land Rover vehicles can use for autonomous parking. Drivers can exit the vehicle and control it thanks to the mobile app, which gives access to throttle, brake, steering and the transmission.

Land Rover Prototype Remote Control App

Unlike Bond's Bimmer the Land Rover has plenty of safety feature built in; a top speed of 4 mile per hour and the vehicle operator needs to be within 10 yards of the vehicle or the paired smart device will be out of range rendering the vehicle inoperable.

Bond's vehicle however had a security system that sprayed tear gas and delivered electric shocks to intruders, plus could be remotely controlled via the use of the 00 Agent's Sony Ericsson JB988 mobile phone.

Other less violent uses for this system are the ability to move your veicle should another road user kindly decide to block you in or park too close to your vehicle, upon discovering which you can use the RC system to open the roof mounted rocket launcher and blow the offending vehicles away!

Just kidding! However you can use the feature to remotely drive your Land Rover to a location where you can open the doors and get in the vehicle.

Land Rover haven't revealed any additional details yet on when remote-capable vehicles will be released into the market.
However BMW have announced plans for it's new remote-controlled 7 Series range of vehicles to be released later this year, so we feel that Land Rover aren't going to be holding back on this new feature.

So while we love the idea of remote controlled vehicles pootling around town we dont imagine that we'll be seeing this any time soon...