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IPhone owners have spent $14 billion on phone repairs since 2007

iPhone owners have spent $14 billion on phone repairs since 2007

Many iPhone owners can probably say that at some point they've dropped their handset, damaging it so badly that it needed to be sent off for a repair.

Since it's release 10 years ago iPhone users have spent some $14 billion on repair bills for the popular devices.

A report by SquareTrade called 'iPhone Decade of Damage' has collated repair data since Apple released the original iPhone back on 29th June 2007.

Since that fateful day, Apple fans have spent $14 billion to repair and replace their handheld device. While that figure does include replacement fees for lost or stolen devices, the data analysis also shows that iPhone owners are six times more likely to break their phone than misplace it or have it stolen.

These figure go to show that brand loyalty is extremelt high among Apple users. Up to 43 per cent of current iPhone owners have said that it is the only brand of device that they've ever owned. Another 44 per cent commented that they were planning to buy the newest model when it gets released this autumn.

Repairs for handsets such as the iPhone can cost owners a lot of money, the report shows that an iPhone screen replacement will run nearly $150, plus on generally iPhone users who have cracked a screen before in the past have done so an average of 2 times - totalling upwards of $300 in repair fees.

With costs as high as these it makes perfect sense to protect your mobile device, though using a case is no guarantee that your device will survive a nasty drop.

Why not opt for a rugged smartphone?

TUFF T1iPhones are fantastic (if not brittle) bits of kit. Here at TUFF Phones our customers often ask us, "do you have a tougher version of the iPhone?"

This is where our TUFF T1 comes in, it's sleek (like an iPhone), powerful (like an iPhone) and is extremely tough (unlike an iPhone).

Thanks to an internal aluminium-titanium alloy frame and Gorilla Glass 4 the T1 is extrmely robust and aso comes IP68 rated water and dust resistant plus thanks to it's MIL-STD 810G certification is more than capable of withstanding shocks, knocks, drops and vibrations.

Plus at only £375.00 SIM free, it offers more than just an attractive, durable handset - it offers peace of mind.