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IPhone 6S Plus survives one hour submerged in water, but does this make it waterproof?

A video recently posted online by a brave (or nuts!) YouTuber called Zach Straley A.K.A Zeedude shows a dunk test for the iPhone 6 and newly released iPhone 6S Plus.

The video shows that Zeedude submerges both iPhones into clean fresh water for up to an hour, only removing them at the 30 minute and 45 minute mark to see whether they are still responsive.

The poster later confirmed on Twitter that the headphone socket and lightening port were still working as well as the handset itself. 

Apple have not released a statement as to whether the Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S series are 'waterproof' yet the evidence in the video seems convinving.

What we do know is that back in March 2015 Apple filed a patent for 'methods for shiedling electronic components from moisture'. 

Apple's patent describes a method of waterproofing internal components by integrating a hydrophobic coating with the electromagnetic interference shields used to protect sensitive electronics - to us that's fancy talk for "making the insides water resistant", not making the actual handset itself waterproof.

While in the video the iPhones manage to survive being submerged for up to an hour we wouldn't advise anyone at home to attempt to replicate this trick as Apple haven't released any word as to just how water resistant the new devices are - you dunk your iPhone at your own risk.

We'd always recommend a purpose built, tried-and-tested waterproof mobile phone if you suspect that your handset might get wet or if you regularly spend time around water due to hobbies or work.

For more information on waterproof mobiles visit our 'Waterproof phones go mainstream' webpage.