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IPhone 6 Plus Torture Tests

While we don't condone needless violence it is quite nice to see someone putting tech through its paces.

Enter Richard Ryan, of the popular RatedRR YouTube channel. Richard is a guy who loves his tech; he also loves his weapons and regularly decides to combine these two passions - often with spectacular results!

Richard is currently running a series of torture tests and he is certainly putting the iPhone 6 Plus under the cosh. We've been following the RatedRR tests for a while and have decided to list the videos here, with the results.

While the iPhone 6 Plus is not a tough phone and has no IP rating it does have an aluminium unibody which, we feel, should give it some resistance to modern day life. Richard’s tests, however, are not what this handset should be expected to face up to in modern day life - unless you are James Bond, of course.

Test 1 - iPhone 6 Plus Vs Liquid Nitrogen

The iPhone 6 Plus has an operating ambient temperature of 0° to 35° C and Liquid Nitrogen is cold - really cold. It freezes at 63 Kelvin (−210 °C) and boils at 77 Kelvin (−196 °C) this is way below the operational range of the iPhone 6 Plus.

Any Sci-Fi film buff will recognise scenes of people falling into Liquid Nitrogen and becoming giant ice sculptures of themselves, only to then shatter at the slightest touch - will this happen with the iPhone 6 Plus? Watch the video to find out.

winner Liquid Nitrogen

Test 2 - iPhone 6 Plus - Will it Blend?

Ahh, the infamous 'Will it Blend' video, many of you may recognise what is being done here and already have a pretty good idea of what to expect.

For those of you who haven't seen a 'Blend' video before here are the vital steps - Insert handset into blender and press the blend button. Check for Results. Watch the following video to see how the iPhone 6 Plus fared – It’s not too hard to imagine, but it will make you smile.

Winner Blender

Test 3 - iPhone 6 Plus Vs .50 Cal

This is where the test really starts to ramp up with Richard firing at the iPhone 6 Plus with a .50 BMG round from a Barrett M82 semi-automatic anti-materiel rifle - as used by the US Military.

It is probably worth mentioning that an anti-materiel rifle is designed for use against military equipment (materiel), rather than against other combatants (anti-personnel rifle) so is the perfect weapon for firing at an iPhone 6 Plus!

We think that we already have a pretty good idea of who is going to win this round of the torture test but for the sake of science let's see the results below.

Winner .50 Cal

Test 4 - iPhone 6 Plus Vs Thermite

We've already been down the low end of the temperature spectrum and now it's time to go high. Richard places the iPhone 6 Plus on a stand and ignites a pile of thermite placed above the handset.

Using one of the more common forms of Thermite (Iron) Richard uses a combination of Aluminium powder and Iron Oxide (rust) to create a huge reaction. Thermite produces an Exothermic reaction (giving out heat), this particular form of Thermite can produce temperatures at around 2500 °C.

The end result is something pretty spectacular with the iPhone 6 Plus becoming a blob of molten Aluminium.

Winner Thermite
(*though the iPhone glass did a good job)


All in all it would appear that this handset probably isn't the best to use if you are a secret agent.

While we haven’t yet shot at our complete range of tough phones with rifles, submerged them in liquid nitrogen or smothered them with red hot thermite - we are pretty sure that they would stand up to other extreme environments with more chances of surviving than the iPhone 6 Plus!

If you enjoyed the videos you've seen today, we'd advise you to subscribe to the RatedRR YouTube channel and follow us on Twitter @Tuffphones.