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Customers are being charged 'extortionate' premium rate numbers when booking holidays over the phone

Campaign group RightCall have claimed that holidaymakers are being charged over £7 before speaking to a customer advisor when booking vactions over the phone.


This claim has come following research undertaken by RightCall looking into premium rate calls. They tracked the average cost of calls made to 084, 087 and other premium rate numbers used by holiday booking lines.

For example when phoning Scandinavian Airlines and booking a flight, RightCall were placed on hold for an average of 13 minutes - resulting in charges for that time totalling £7.54.

Also investigated were other popular companies such as Hertz Car Rentals, Eastern Airways, Heathrow Airport, Gatwick Airport, P&O Cruises, Premier Inn, Travelodge and Thomas Cook - all of them were found guilty of overcharging customers.

RightCall CEO Naufal Zamir commented on the findings saying, "Many consumers don’t even realise they’re calling expensive premium numbers."

"The underlying problem is not the service charge paid to the travel companies, which is well advertised by the company you are calling. What makes it extortionate most of the time is the access charge that mobile companies charge on top."