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Half of mobile owners use their phones just for talk and text

Half of mobile owners use their phones just for talk and text

Research conducted by GSMA has revealed that nearly half of mobile phone users around the world only use their mobile phones to make calls and text.

The GSMA’s Global Mobile Engagement Index (GMEI) records how people engage with their phones and then places them in one of four different groups depending on their engagement score.

During the study consumers who used their phone the most were labeled as ‘Aficiondos’ followed by ‘Pragmatists’, ‘Networkers’ and ‘Talkers’, who use their phone the least.

‘Talkers’ accounted for 47 per cent of mobile phone owners however that figure is expected to decrease to 23 per cent by 2030 as handsets become more available, affordable and innovative.

The GMEI also found the 70 per cent of smartphone users watch free online videos, such as YouTube on their phone and another 70 per cent use their phones to research information about things they are thinking of buying.

GSMA chief strategy officer Hyunmi Yang commented on the research saying, "The Global Mobile Engagement Index is a unique industry tool to help understand shifting trends."

"Consumer behaviours are continuing to change as mobile devices get smarter, services grow richer and societies become more connected."