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Google’s Project Ara has a new modular prototype – the ‘Spiral 2’

Project Ara is one of Google’s latest inventions and if I say so myself one of its most interesting.

It has an interesting premise, it is essentially a customisable smartphone with ‘modules’ that can be swapped out to alter the handsets features and performance. Everything apart from the devices’ ‘chassis’ can be swapped out for alternative parts. These include new camera modules, extra batteries or speakers – you can even replace the screen if it breaks!

Spiral 2 Prototype

The Spiral 2

The newest prototype announced by Google is the Spiral 2. The model allows users to ‘hot swap’ the modules and alter their handsets. The hardware for the Spiral 2 is done but the firmware is not. Head of Project Ara Paul Eremenko has said, “Firmware is hard.”

Google has confirmed the exact Spiral 2 reference specifications: a 1280 x 720 display, light and proximity sensors, WiFi and Blutooth, 3G modem with Band 2 antenna, separate Band 5 antenna, a 5 Megapixel camera module, speaker module, battery module, as well as the choice of either a Marvell PXA1928 or NVIDIA Tegra K1 processor module – the final block is for the USB charging port.

We’re really excited to see what Google will be able to produce with Project Ara and as a small teaser they’ve released a short video intro for Project Ara.