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Google to release their own Google-branded smartphone later this year

A report published by The Telegraph rumours that Google may be planing to release their own Google-branded smartphone later on this year.

This move by the search engine giant has not come unexected, it has been rumoured for some time now that the California-based tech company has been 'in talks' with mobile operators about their handsets release.

Should Google release their own mobile device they would have complete control over the software, design and manufacture of the device - offering them a direct competitor with Apple's iPhone.

Google logo

Google currently licenses out their Android OS to other smartphone partners like HTC, Samsung, LG and Sony who in turn manufacture the devices on which Android operates.

Currently there is no hard information on the release of an 'in-house' Google smartphone and all rumours should be taken lightly - however in our eyes it'd make sense for Google to release their own device and retake some control of the smartphone market.