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The world's first mobile phone call was made on this date 45 years ago

The world's first mobile phone call was made on this date 45 years ago

April 3 1973, Motorola employee Martin Cooper placed the world's first ever mobile phone call.

Standing on Sixth Avenue, New York City, Cooper called his friend Joel Engel who was working for AT&T at Bell Labs in New Jersey using what would eventually be a prototype for the Motorola DynaTac 8000x - the world's first commercially-available mobile phone.

11 years later in 1984 the Motorola DynaTac 8000x was launched in the U.S. market for a whopping $3,995 (around $9,573 in today's money). Back in the 80's the price tag alone assured that the mobile device would only be available to wealthy businessmen.

Weighing in at 1.75 lb. the handset stood at 13-inches tall, stored 30 numbers and took 10 hours to recharge and had 60 minutes talk-time - a far cry from the devices of today.

At that time the DynaTac 8000x was a technological marvel, however with no drop protection or waterproof rating it was an expensive device to break.

Luckily times have changed and devices like our TUFF T1 are waterproof, dustproof and drop proof - plus won't cost you an arm and a leg at £375.00 (incl. vat).