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From 15th June EE will let you use your phone abroad for free

From 15th June EE will let you use your phone abroad for free

EE has announced that its customers will be able to use their current tariffs while abroad for free.

From 15th June, subscribers on pay monthly and pay as you go plans will be able to take advantage of the new rules set in place across 47 European countries including Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Romania, Spain, Sweden, The Netherlands, Iceland, Norway, Monaco, Switzerland Jersey and Guernsey.

Coincidentally this change takes place on the same date that EU roaming charges are abolished.

However if you're planning on visiting Australia, New Zealand, Mexica, Canada or the USA you'll need to sign up to a new 4GEE Max plan to use your tariff overseas as you would within the UK.

Rival mobile network Three has been offering its subscribers a similar service called 'Feel At Home' for some time, and Tesco Mobile also offers it's own version thanks to its 'Home From home' plans.