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Mobile network EE provides the Chiltern Railways network with blackspot-free WiFi

Mobile network operator EE have partnered with Chiltern Railways to provide a super-fast onboard WiFi service that won't succumb to WiFi blackspots like tunnels or low signal areas.

Chiltern Railways

Thanks to a new wireless 4G trackside network that will be provided by the mobile network commuters using Chiltern's services can expect "continuous conectivity" when travelling.

Chiltern Railways commercial director Thomas Ableman has said, "We were one of the first train companies to introduce free Wi-Fi around five years ago on our London to Birmingham trains. Since then we’ve invested in 4G capability. However due to black spots on the line, the service was limited in places. It was always our vision to deliver truly connected mobility and now, thanks to our partnership with EE, Chiltern will have the fastest and most reliable Wi-Fi in the country."

The new high-speed service will be rolled out across Chiltern Railways network by December 2016.