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EE 4G covers 75 per cent of the UK geographically

EE 4G covers 75 per cent of the UK geographically

Mobile network operator EE has revealed that its superfast 4G network covers 99 per cent of the UK population.

The network however is more concerned with announcing its 75 per cent geographical coverage of the UK. EE is calling on the rest of the mobile telecoms industry to scrap the population coverage metric and use geographic cover instead - with an emphasis on network speeds and quality based at a county level.

EE CEO Mark Allera said, "As an industry we’ve done some amazing things, in this country we have some of the best mobile networks in the world, but we’ve set an incorrect expectation using a metric [population] which over inflates our coverage."

The mobile network states that it will have 92 per cent geographical coverage by November 2017 but it'll take up to 2020 to offer 95 per cent UK cover with up to 19,000 masts helping to provide that cover.

Allera has commented on the remaining 5 per cent that will be left uncovered, "what’s left is the really, really hard 5% - places where customers hardly ever go such as the Outer Hebrides"

He also added, "We’ve been using drones, balloons and satellites to see how we can cover that final 5%" but for now the focus is on hitting 95%."

Its this 4G infrastructure that EE will be using when they roll out next generations 5G network. EE estimates that for full UK 5G cover they'll need around 50,000 masts.