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Dust-proof mobile phones can be used to access the internet

Far from being just a way to contact someone, handsets have really come a long way these last few years. These days, some mobile phones can be used for tasks such as internet surfing, playing video games, listening to music or even GPS navigation.

Handset protection has evolved as well – with customers now able to purchase waterproof, shock-proof or dust-proof mobile phones to withstand just about any situation.

The results of a survey, conducted by internet security provider Kaspersky, suggest smartphones and other handsets are becoming so popular that they may be replacing computers.

After interviewing 25,000 people located in the UK and Europe, the company found 64% of respondents owned a desktop computer, but an impressive 93% possessed a smartphone. Moreover, 78% of people chose to access the internet via a mobile device, if possible, instead of using a computer.

Although the findings of this survey suggest smartphone users prefer surfing the web on handsets rather than desktop computers, the research also showed just 19% of mobile phone users had anti-virus software. Potentially, those without adequate protection on their devices could receive malware, such as Trojan horses or worms.

While consumers should consider purchasing software to safeguard their handsets from malicious programmes, a tough or durable mobile phone may be more beneficial for those looking to protect their device against physical hazards.