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Drivers can lose their licences if found using mobiles while driving

Drivers can lose their licences if found using mobiles while driving

Smartphones are one of today's technological marvels; these tiny pocket computers have revolutionised the way that people live, do business and interact with their families.

Unsurprisingly due to their handheld nature it is possible to use mobiles in situations and environments where using a mobile device could detract focus from the job at hand. Driving being one of the main examples.

Authorities in the UK have announced that they will be inflicting harsher penalities on drivers caught using their mobile devices while driving.

Previously drivers were issued with three penalty points and a £100 fine, this has been doubled to six penalty points and a £200 fine.

This means that new drivers will have their licence revoked as new drivers are permitted to lose a maximum of six penalty points within the first two years of obtaining their driver's licence.

According to research undertakebn by the RAC up to 25 per cent of drivers are using their mobiles while driving, a number that the UK authorities are hoping to reduce with the anouncement of their new penalties.