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David Cameron has vowed to change UK law to tackle mobile "notspots" in rural areas

While speaking during Prime Minister's Questions David Cameron has vowed to change the law so that more mobile phone masts can be built nationwide to help reduce the number of mobile coverage 'notspots' in rural areas as well as boost superfast broadband speeds.

Cameron stated that focus should be on "ensuring everyone is connected to the information super highway".

David Cameron Mobile Phone

Conservative MP Andrew Murrison stated during Prime Minister's Questions that 'superfast' broadband connectivity in rural areas was "relatively poor" and that businesses situated in such locations were losing out due to patchy coverage.

The Prime Minister commented that the number of UK homes that were able to access superfast broadband (defined as offering speeds in excess of 24 Mbps) had doubled since 2010, however more needs to be done to alleviate poor coverage.

Cameron noted that, "I think this is something for members right across the House. Ten years ago we were all rather guilty of leading campaigns against masts and the rest of it,"

"Our constituents now want coverage for the internet, they want coverage for mobile phones."

He also added, "We need to make sure we change the law in all the ways necessary to make sure... the masts are built, we increase coverage and we ensure everyone is connected to the information superhighway."

UK Government has said that it is on track to provide superfast broadband coverage to 90% of the UK y early 2016 and up to 95% by December 2017.

As for mobile network coverage UK Government recently admitted to failing to hit their mast installation targets and that they were pulling the £150 million Mobile Infrastructure Project - although this was an issue that Cameron touched upon in PMQ's and is looking set to alter UK laws to ease the construction of masts in rural areas.