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A tough mobile phone might even survive attacks from Russell Brand

At Tuffphones, we pride ourselves on having a wide variety of handsets to withstand just about any situation. Whether you're looking for a dust-proof, shock-proof or waterproof mobile phone, we will probably have something to suit your needs.

We might even have something which is Russell Brand proof.

Earlier this March, a photographer in New Orleans tried to take the comedian's picture. Allegedly, according to the BBC, Mr Brand did not respond well to this attempt, took the snapper's phone and damaged the device by throwing it through a window.

Last week, although Mr Brand's lawyer pleaded not guilty on his behalf, Orleans Parish Municipal Court ordered the comedian to pay a $500 fine (around £317) and carry out 20 hours of community service – which he has to comply with by the end of August.

Our mobile phones are very important to us, and, in the case of the photographer, this handset might have held very important client details or even contained photos of other celebrities.

Personally, we think that if Mr Brand finds himself in an apologetic mood, he could show his remorse by buying the photographer a new tough mobile phone – something which should withstand any future attacks from angry celebrities.