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PM David Cameron vows to reduce mobile signal not-spots

Current UK Prime Minister David Cameron has vowed to increase broadband speeds as well as reduce the number of 'not-spot's that plague the UK's rural areas.

In a bid to win over voters, Cameron has stated that a new Conservative Government will ensure that a newer, faster mobile infrastructure will be put into place to help with faster fixed broadband and mobile signal coverage.

While speaking at the Chartered Accountants Hall in London this morning, the Prime Minister informed an audiance comprised of several hundred small business owners that he understood that slow broadband and poor mobile coverage could be frustrating and could hinder the growth of a small business.

UK Prime Minister David CameronCameron stated that, "You may be driving along an A-road and suddenly you lose our signal, you might lose your customer. You might lose that vital order. So the Mobile Project, to make sure that we sure we deal with the not-spots in our country is absolutely vital. These things aren’t discussed in some dusty corner of a business park. They are discussed round the Cabinet table with me banging the table saying ‘it’s not good enough we’ve got to go faster.’ So I absolutely agree (with criticism of slow broadband)".

The announcement from the Prime Minister also backs up the statements made from the four major UK MNO's towards the end of 2014.

They have new agreements in place with the UK Goverment, who are investing £5bn into the UK's mobile network infrastructure in a bid to to help reduce UK not-spots.