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A waterproof mobile phone may be useful for higher education

Sometimes, I really miss university. Although the coursework, the essays and exams were a lot of hard work, hanging out with friends and going to parties were great experiences. Even better, I walked away with only a few thousand pounds worth of debt.

Today's students aren't so lucky. According to a report in The Guardian newspaper, those who pay £9,000 a year for their tuition fees, and start university this September, will end up graduating with an average debt of £53,000.

As well as spending money on university fees, students need to purchase food, course materials and afford rent and bills.

While all of these can drive undergraduates into debt, the results of a survey, carried out by a website called Save the Student!, suggests these people might be allocating funds towards other priorities.

Take mobile phones for example, the website estimates that the average student pays out £24 a month on their handsets and an additional £12 on phone and internet connections. However, these people pay a monthly figure of only £20 for textbooks and other course materials.

Before people start saying students cannot spend money wisely, modern academics often need the internet and handsets to learn as well as to build-up a contact list of important people. Therefore, before leaving for higher education, students may wish to purchase a waterproof or shock-proof mobile phone – as these devices may be durable enough to continue functioning even after graduation.

In addition, if a student does spend too much money on their phone, and not enough on textbooks, a tough mobile phone will probably withstand being thrown at a wall.