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A shock-proof mobile phone should keep important details safe

Many people view their mobile phones as absolutely essential gadgets. These handsets often contain vital information, such as calendar events, notes from business meetings or information regarding clients.

It is probably fair to say that if we did not have these devices, many individuals would have trouble carrying out their day-to-day tasks. Therefore, those who wish to protect their information should consider purchasing a shock-proof mobile phone from Tuffphones.

A survey, commissioned by internet security company BullGuard, suggests the average Briton may need a tough or durable mobile phone. The report showed people have around 50 contacts on their handsets – yet can only recall two of these numbers.

Moreover, approximately 25% of mobile phone users cannot remember their own numbers.

As all mobile phones are able to store and automatically dial contacts, few people need to manually key in numbers anymore. As a result, memorising a person's details may not be essential. However, if an individual loses or damages their phone, they might struggle to remember their contacts.

People who have trouble memorising their contacts may find a shock-proof mobile phone beneficial. These devices might be able to withstand impacts or drops from height which would normally damage standard handsets – helping to keep information safe.