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More technology to use alongside dual-sim mobile phones

Dual-sim mobile phones are really useful for workers who want to keep their work and personal phone numbers, texts and calls separate from another – things can get embarrassing when both your supervisor and your brother are called Harry.

However, for those employees who have a penchant for hiking and long countryside walks, a dual-sim handset is just the beginning.

As well as being able to purchase a handset with two sims and tough mobile phones from a number of mobile providers, a Swedish company has created a mobile handset charger which runs on water.

Yes, it may seem impossible, but the PowerTrekk device only needs a tablespoon of water to keep a phone running for about ten hours. It works by creating a chemical reaction which produces hydrogen gas, and is predicted to be available to the European market around May or June of this year.

This technology may spell the end of needing to bring a pack of batteries up a mountain or trying to find an electricity socket in the middle of some woods.

Furthermore, for people who are worried that while filling up their PowerTrekk charger they will spill water onto their handset, there is always the possibility of purchasing a water proof mobile phone.

Although this system may not be as useful in a desert, or where temperatures are at zero degrees Celsius or under, in most places in the world this charger will keep a phone running for much longer than otherwise possible – whether or not it's a dual-sim mobile phone.

Isn't technology amazing?