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Atom bank to be UK's first mobile-only bank

Atom bank is due to be launched in the UK and is set to become the UK's first 'mobile-only' banking institution.

Atom bank

Atom bank biometric securityInterestingly Atom bank doesn't have any branches that you can just walk into, Atom bank has an app.

The app is due to be launched later on this year for Android and is already available for iOS devices, and will make us of the best safety features available - biometric security.

You'll be able to access your account via the app which uses face recognition and voice recognition software to verify your identity.

Atom raised £25 million in funding last year and will be run by CEO Mark Mullen, who has plenty of experience working in the financial field, he previously ran First Direct (HSBC's telephone banking branch).

The new bank has a website ( which won't be able to be used for online banking, it was designed to be used as an entry point to the Atom bank experience.

Unfortunately there aren't many more details on the app or how Atom bank will work as Mullen says that he doesn't want to give away what Atom has planned to their competitors.

In their latest press release CEO Muller stated, "This is the start of a remarkable transformation of the banking landscape for everyone. Atom aims to offer a genuine alternative to the insidious and self-interested banks that dominate the UK banking landscape. Our approach will be to constantly evolve and extend our offering, with monthly updates to our app and a dedication to providing better value, greater transparency and a much more innovative banking experience."