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Apple and Samsung look at Liquipel to make waterproof mobile phones

Smart-phones are the cutting edge in handset technology, but so far Apple has yet to release a waterproof mobile phone – meaning that taking these devices anywhere near the pool or beach can be extremely damaging.

However, according to information website, iPhoneFAQ, Apple plans to use a new technology called Liquipel on their next generation iPhone 5.

The technology is applied after manufacturing and uses "invisible vapour coating" to stop liquid molecules from entering the device and coming into contact with electronic components, thus making the product waterproof.

iPhoneFAQ also reports that Samsung are planning to use the same technology in their upcoming Galaxy S3.

Around a million mobile phones are water damaged every year worldwide and 52% of UK smart-phone users have admitted to having dropped theirs down the toilet.

If this report turns out to true then using these devices in the rain or next to a swimming pool would hopefully no longer be a problem.

Liquipel is not the only product which can waterproof mobile phones. HzO creates a small barrier to repel liquid from sensitive electronics and Motorola already uses Splash Guard on their products, but with all these companies looking into waterproofing technology, we can expect more of these innovations to enter the consumer electronics market very soon.