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Has your Android Keyboard disappeared?

Has your Android Keyboard disappeared?

Has the keyboard on your TUFF Phone disappeared?

We believe that there was an issue with the default Android keyboard application 'Gboard' which may have suffered an incorrect update, this update appeared to have caused an incomatibility with some devices – this has now been resolved and customers who have updated the Gboard application on their handsets are reporting that the issue has been fixed.

Please refer to the below on how to update your Gboard application:

  • From your device homescreen open the Google Play Store application,
  • Top of the screen you’ll see three horizontal lines near the search bar, tap on these to open up a menu (which should appear from the left hand side),
  • Click on ‘My Apps and Games’,
  • You’ll should see a list of pending updates, of which Gboard should be one of.

Please click on ‘Update All’ to update any pending apps (you will need to be online to do this, either Mobile Internet or connected to Wi-Fi). Once Gboard has been updated your keyboard should return.

Any issues please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our support team on 01243 790 433.