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Airwave Solutions hit out at EE's flawed network offerings for emergency services

Airwave’s chief operating officer John Lewis has slammed the decision made by the Home Office to stop using their Terrestrial Radio Systems network and switch over to EE in 2017.

The decision has been hailed as life threatening by Lewis who believes that the network that EE has in place is unfit for purpose in life or death situations.

Fire Rescue Vehicle

Airwave currently has 99 per cent geographical network coverage compared with EE's 60 per cent coverage.

Lewis has stated, "We have unique sites where no-one else has, like in remote areas or the London Underground. These are places where EE doesn’t cover."

"The entire Airwave network has been designed to not fail as frequently as a mobile network."

EE have dismissed these claims, arguing that their network will have the necesary infrastructure in place to fully support Britain’s emergency services by mid-2017 and will be boasting over 90 per cent geographical coverage.

The mobile network also stated that they own 20,000 masts, significantly more than the 4,000 that airwave own.

An EE spokesperson has commented, "We’ll create an entirely new system for the emergency services providing new levels of reliability."

They also added, "If one site goes down, any other nearby site will provide coverage and we’ll have a fleet of rapid response vehicles able to quickly fix any site that goes down and we’ll [also] be able to provide temporary mobile sites, batteries and generators."