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Cleaning a waterproof mobile phone after an ill-timed drop

Due to its durable design, a tough mobile phone can be taken just about anywhere. In fact, most of our mobiles can be safely used in all sorts of locations and withstand various hazards which would normally destroy other handsets.

Yet, this may lead to a problem. For example, a waterproof mobile phone will probably survive a drop down the toilet – but the resulting smell may be less than pleasant.

Fortunately, a Tuffphones waterproof mobile phone may smell nice again if users simply run it under a tap – something they wouldn't be able to do with a conventional mobile. However, Samsung have patented a new handset which comes with a very unusual extra to solve the issue of smelly devices.

The design depicts a phone which is able to emit perfume – and it's supposed to keep the handset smelling nice, not the user. Supposedly, the device comes with a replaceable aromatic part which is recharged when the consumer charges up their mobile. When depleted, the customer just purchases another fragrance.

Although there is no word on when the device will be released – or if there will be a line of different perfumes, it certainly shows how far mobile phone technology has progressed.

Moreover, while there might be a market for people who want their phones smelling nice, this extra may substantially increase the price of any handset which comes with the technology.

Therefore, users looking for a phone which might withstand hazardous situations, and may be easily cleaned, could find a waterproof mobile phone more cost effective.