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Those in developing countries may find a tough mobile phone useful

Those who regularly work on boats or near pools may find a waterproof mobile phone beneficial, while others might want a tough mobile phone to withstand drops from height or impacts. Yet, according to research carried out by the World Bank and infoDev, mobile phone customers may soon be spoilt for choice.

In 2000, fewer than a billion people held a mobile phone subscription, but the research estimates this figure has now increased to more than six billion. Considering Earth's total population is estimated to be around seven billion, there could soon be more mobile phones than people.

Of those subscriptions, almost five billion were based in developing countries – and these devices may be starting to change the face of business and help others improve their lifestyles.

For example, in South Africa, HIV sufferers can now subscribe to a text message service which informs patients about their medication and offers informative advice. Moreover, in Palestine, job-seekers can use an SMS system to stay informed about potential work and contact employers.

Clearly, mobile phones are now far more than just a communication device – they may be integral to a person's way of life. Therefore, shouldn't they be protected at all costs?

Unlike some handsets, a tough mobile phone is much more likely to withstand drops, impacts or other adverse situations – keeping your data safe. To find out more about our range of products, have a browse of the website.