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EE are going to stop connecting customers to legacy brands T-Mobile and Orange

From the 2nd February 2015 EE are going to stop connecting direct customer to the T-Mobile and Orange networks. They will also be ceasing to connect indirect customers from March 2nd

EE have said that their primary focus will now be on 4G airtime customers and that their number of 4G customers have reached a record high.

4G customers now account for almost a third (7.7 million) of EE’s 26 million subscriber base.

EE chief commercial officer Marc Allera has revealed that more than 92 per cent of all new connections and upgrades during December 2014 and January 2015 were on the EE network. He also added that there were close to two million 4G adds between November and December alone.

Allera said, “Only one in ten of our customers are now connecting to T-Mobile and Orange and we are confident the transition to a single EE brand is now the right thing to do.”EE T-Mobile and Orange logos

EE have stated that the UK’s appetite for 4G over the past couple of years has driven the change.

All current Orange and T-Mobile customers (around 19 million) are to remain on their current deals, however when their contract terms expire they will not be able to upgrade on their current network. EE are also going to stop issuing T-Mobile and Orange prepay SIM’s with all SIM’s being deactivated permanently if unsold after a year.

The network is offering exclusive discounted deals to T-Mobile and Orange customers in a bid to encourage them to switch over to their 4G network.

It was also admitted by Allera that marketing efforts for the two brands have been almost non-existent for the past 12-18 months. He also added that removal of new T-Mobile and Orange connections will have no affect on staff numbers, stating that head office teams are ‘brand agnostic’ , while the majority of call centre staff being trained to offer expertise across all three brands.

Allera concluded, “We are the fastest growing 4G operator in Europe, number one in the UK for speed, number one for having the biggest network, number one for innovation and we are number one for making lives easier with technology.”