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Register and Activate Your
TUFFMultiNet SIM Card

To activate your TUFFMultiNet SIM select one of our Pay Monthly or SIM Only plans with inclusive calls, messages & data then complete your details to register your SIM card and click Register. Your SIM card will be activated within 72 hours.

TUFFMultiNet is powered by Fidelity Group Communications. The Fidelity mobile support team will contact you throughout the connection process keeping you notified of your new connection or upgrade/port date.

Their helpline is available 24/7 to assist customers with network and billing queries. You’ll have access to the helpline once you register for SIM card activation.

*Please note that to be eligible for TUFFMultiNet you must be a business user e.g. Sole Trader, Limited Company or Partnership.

What you’ll need for registration

  • Your contact details
  • Your address history for the last three years
  • Your PAC code (if looking to retain your existing number)
  • Your bank account details

TUFF Phones Ltd operates a strict privacy policy. By submitting your details, you agree to receive occasional e-mails from TUFF Phones Ltd about new features, events and special offers.

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Tariff Selection

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TUFFMultiNet SIM Only Tariffs

1 Please select a tariff from the options below.
All tariffs come with Unlimited UK calls and UK texts
SIM Tariffs
(per month)


£13.75 (excl. vat)


£17.50 (excl. vat)


£20.00 (excl. vat)

So that we can verify your purchase please enter your TUFF device IMEI into the following field. This can be found on the retail packaging.

Alternatively you can locate the IMEI number by entering *#06# into your TUFF Phone’s keypad – your IMEI number will be displayed on screen.

WARNING: Your IMEI numbers do not match!
Warning: Please ensure a tariff is selected, you've included your IMEI number (15 digits) and that you have confirmed your 15 digit IMEI number as well.
IMEI Sticker example

TUFFMultiNet PAY Monthly Tariffs

Choose your handset

TUFF T10 T10
TUFF T500 T500
2 Please select a tariff from the options below.
No Upfront Device Costs On These Tariffs
All tariffs come with Unlimited UK calls and UK texts


£29.16 (excl. vat)


£32.50 (excl. vat)


£35.00 (excl. vat)



£25.83 (excl. vat)


£30.00 (excl. vat)


£31.66 (excl. vat)



£30.00 (excl. vat)


£34.16 (excl. vat)


£35.83 (excl. vat)

Your Details

About you

*This email will be used to confirm your SIM activation
*If upgrading please enter your existing mobile number

Your addresses

Previous addresses

Your existing number

Do you wish to keep your existing number?

Please select your network provider and in order to retain your existing number we will require your PAC Code*. This can be obtained by texting "PAC" to 65075, your existing provider will respond by text within a minute with your PAC code (which will be valid for 30 days).

Alternatively you can obtain your PAC code by calling your current network provider.

*If your PAC Code is not available at this time please leave blank, our connections team will obtain this from you before your connection goes live.

You will be provided with a new phone number

Employment Status

Please select your current employment status:

Business Details

Bank Details

Monthly payment via Direct Debit

Please provide bank details for the account that will be used for your monthly payments.

*Your 6 digit sort code, usually found on your bank statement or debit card
*Your 8 digit account number, usually found on your bank statement or debit card

Time with current Bank or Building Society

SIM Card Activation

Register and activate your SIM Card

Please enter your TUFFMultiNet SIM Card number below. Our team will then send you a Docusign digital contract to the email address provided. Once the contract has been signed your SIM card will be activated within 72 hours.

SIM Card Holder

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Your SIM is on its way...

Our team will dispatch your TUFFMultiNet SIM to you upon successful registration.

Click Register below and your SIM card will be activated within 72 hours.

(On occasion further information may be required to complete your SIM activation in which case a member of the team will contact you to support your application.)