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About TUFF Phones

TUFF Phones, the home of tough, waterproof mobile phones.

TUFF Phones was established in 2010 and is a UK based company specialising in the manufacture of high-quality tough, rugged mobile phones and tough Android based smartphones.

Our first range of mobile phones was successfully launched with the BBC covering our story as the devices began to hit the UK market. Since then, our handset sales have been growing steadily. By the Spring of 2017, our manufacturing had moved to a tier-one manufacturer with over 2000 employees and where we now have our own dedicated production line. Our second generation of devices was launched with the release of the T400s and the T1. A further device was then launched in September 2017, the T10 and we continue to work on further innovation for 2018.


Phones that look like a smartphone yet act like a tough phone

The T1 and T10 are game-changers. They look and feel like the beautifully engineered smartphone you would expect to see with a Samsung or Apple logo on them, yet they are built to withstand the rigours of life on a farm or construction site. These are phones that can be dropped from height without fear of the screen shattering, or immersed in water without being damaged, but they still look perfectly at home in a business meeting or a social gathering. Thanks in part to their titanium-aluminium alloy internal frames, these devices don’t need bulky plastic outers to make them rugged, and so they can take on a sleek appearance more akin to a regular smartphone.

Phones for builders, farmers and anyone that loves the great outdoors

TUFF T1All our devices are not only durable and look great – they perform superbly too. We use powerful Sony CMOS camera sensors, Sharp IGZO high-resolution screens and powerful top-quality processors. We utilise the best military grade composite materials within the production process, high-quality shatterproof screens and have rigorous testing facilities at the manufacturing plant. All our devices are dual sim, with long lasting battery life, sizeable memory capability and recent Android operating software.

Our entire range of phones are great for builders, plumbers, scaffolders, painters, electricians, surveyors, farmers, military personnel, or indeed anyone whose work requires wireless communication within an easy to operate phone, but which will also survive the usual daily knocks, falls, scratches and bashes of these trades and professions.

We maintain a friendly, customer service approach and proudly provide unparalleled levels of service to our customers.

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Please, have a look through the site and compare the various models on offer to see which mobile phone is best suited to your needs. When you've chosen your model and you're ready to order, our on-line store makes purchasing fuss-free.

Alternatively, please telephone us on 0845 388 3764 if you are not sure which of our phones best suits your requirements.

Company registered in England & Wales. Registered number: 07431588

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The TUFF Team

Kevin Nessling

Kevin Nessling

James Booker

James Booker
Business Development Manager

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Will Purcell
Customer Service Executive