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Information about tough, rugged and waterproof mobile phones

If you're searching for information about tough, rugged and waterproof mobile phones then look no further! This site contains a wealth of useful information to help you choose the right toughened mobile phone for your needs and to make sense of some of the confusing jargon and terminology used to describe the features of these ruggedised marvels of mobile technology.

As well as a glossary of mobile phone related abbreviations and a page of frequently asked questions (faqs), you'll find below a list of articles and guides specifically relating to tough and waterproof mobile phones.

Choosing a tough mobile phone
A guide to waterproof mobile phones
Why a 3G enabled tough mobile phone?
Frequently asked questions (faqs)

We also have useful information about settings on your phone which can be used whether you have a ruggedised phone or the more readily breakable type.

UK GPRS and 3G APN (Access Point Name) settings